Friday, August 25, 2017

Professional photographer vs guests shots

When do planning for wedding, most of the couples will have this question in mind :-

"Shall I get a professional photographer for my wedding day and dinner, or I just wait for my guests to take photo using their smartphone and tag me on social media?"

"It's expensive to hire professional photographer. I could try to ask my cousin's help who recently just bought a dslr"

nowadays smartphone comes with advance and great quality of camera, with the integration and help of applications, we even felt phone shots are compatible with SLR. Therefore we could see more and more guests in wedding dinner, uncles and aunts of couples are being so warm heart in taking couples photos using their smartphones. 

but think of questions below:
  1. Do you really get back those photos? do you even remember who has taken the shots?
  2. Will they arrive on time or even earlier before event starts? Will they stay with you throughout the entire event? Capturing every single moment?
  3. When you think you be able to get the photos? will your guests promise you a date?
  4. Do you have confident to guests shots? will they edit the photos before tag you? regardless of camera and lens, have you take into consideration of their experiences, lighting, composition, and leading and posing you in order to get great picture?  example as below:
    Professional vs guest
    Guests took the same moment as photographer after posing the couples

  5. Lastly, ask yourself, how important is your wedding to you? Bear in mind, "Wedding day moments has no take-two"