Common questions and doubts that most newly weds faced when looking for wedding photographer / package

  1. What is SDE?

    SDE stands for "Same Day Edit". It's a instant photo editing process carry right after wedding ceremony ended, to produce photo slideshow or video highlights of ceremony montage, and present it during banquet. It requires 4 hours time frame.

  2. Do I need both photo and video for my wedding?

    Photo and video is different. Photo captures moments, where video record motions.

    Photo takes group photos, portraits, moments and you could print in album and large size, frame it and hang on wall, or table top.

    Video records your wedding day, from motions to details, and you get your wedding story. With sound and voice, all the laughter, vows, speeches, when you play back after years, it refresh your memory of the wedding day.

    They serve different purposes, it depends on your preferences and budget.

  3. What is Post Processing of image?

    Every image of wedding day will be post processed. Wedding day photo and prewedding photo are different. 

    Wedding day photos main purpose is to capture moments, we can't also we don't pose the bride and groom every single move like prewedding, otherwise will be awful and weird and disturbing your wedding flow. Therefore the post process of photos are to correct brightness, color, composition, sharpness to ensure great quality of image, but there's no fine touching skin, fixing armpit that we do for prewedding. Everything will be nature, it's your wedding day, unique and belongs to you only.

  4. How many photographers do I need?

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