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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SDE

SDE stands for Same Day Edit

Steve Boon Wedding Photography provide service of Instant editing of ceremony photos and compile into slide presentation with song for dinner playback. It requires 4 hours processing-time and handle by wedding photographer or team editor. 

What is Fusion

Steve Boon Wedding Photography take short video during special session like gate crashing (game) and vow. It's a great alternative for couples who wish to have movement and environment sound recorded during special session only.


This required minimum of 2 wedding photographers. During the short video session, one photographer would be taking photo as main, while another photographer will be recording video clips. At the end of session, photos and video could be edit and compile in SDE

Why consultation is helpful

Steve Boon Wedding Photography share with you tips on how to plan your wedding, what you could take into consideration that needed for traditional ceremony, reception... our mission is to provide best effort and services for couples dream weddings.

How to Book Online

Steve Boon Wedding Photography provide online booking features to ease our customers, skip all the hassles, save time on getting quotations. The online booking is as easy as 1-2-3. Please follow below steps:

  1. Choose the photography service, example wedding day photography

  2. Click on service title or picture to view more details, or click on Request To Book button to proceed booking page

  3. In Schedule Online page,

    1. under "All Staff" field, choose if you like to appoint Steve to be your main photographer, or other team photographer

    2. ​Select your wedding date,​

    3. Select the time your wedding start

    4. at the right hand side there's a summary, check if it's correct and click Next

  4. In Add Your Info page, fill in your particular as detail as possible, and proceed to click Request To Book

  5. Congratulations! ​Thanks for your submission

Did not answer your question?  Please contact Steve Boon Wwedding Photography sales consultants

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